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  Dear Admissions Committee:
  Among all the students who have received my instruction in the courses of “International Marketing” and “Strategic Management” at ABC University, Mr. John Doe is one of the few who stood out and left with me a positive impression. Therefore, I am confident to recommend this young man to your prestigious MBA program.
  John is a bright and aggressive individual who possesses a strong motivation to learn and excel in his course work. Unlike most of his peers, who gained knowledge merely from school lecturing, John would spend a great amount of efforts and time in reading outside articles and textbooks and share his ideas with the class. In addition, as an open- minded individual who never let go any learning experience, John often came to me discussing various questions and problems he encountered in his coursework.
  I would like hereby to draw upon an instance that I believe fully exemplifies John"s academic ability. While attending my class he presented an excellent report focusing on the research of the European Community (EC), in which he shared with us his careful observations on EC, and proposed a number of innovative suggestions for Taiwanese industries that wished to gain successful presence in that market. Having noticed his superior ability to conduct independent research studies and to support his arguments with logical quantitative analyses, I recommended John to submit his paper to the Accounting & Statistics Quarterly published by the Executive Yuan of R.O.C.. Needless to say, John has acquired very high marks in both of my courses.
  The very positive impression made by John has been repeatedly re- enforced by his strong performance in various extracurricular activities. John has managed to earn full confidence from me in his sound managerial potential by demonstrating an intelligence, aggressiveness, and leadership quality in both academic and extracurricular contexts.
  In general, I consider John a very promising applicant to your esteemed MBA program. I have the least reservation on his potential to succeed in his future educational as well as professional pursuit, and will be more than happy to discuss with you any matters pertaining to this reference letter.
  Sincerely yours,

  Dear Professor:
  Miss xxx requested a letter of reference from me to support her application for graduate studies at your university. As her tutor when she prepared her project design for graduation, I am pleased to comply with her request.
  I became acquainted with Miss xxx when I met her beautiful writing on her mathematic assignments and I remembered her name at once. When I taught her, she always sat on the left place behind the classroom, then I asked her why, she answered me that she likes to see all corners of classroom with smiles on her face. But I was astonished by her learning ability; she listened to my lesson with her thought, especially when I taught them some emphases and difficulties of the course, she always listened to me earnestly and recorded these difficulties on her note carefully, after class, she came to me and talked about these questions which included some principle of mathematics, I was impressed by her unique views about mathematics which reflected her thought and logic better than other students.
  It was worthy to mention her learning ability on mathematics, for example, I didn’t finish my predication logic lesson because of limit time and just simply mentioned the concept, when I checked students’ assignments and found only she gave me prefect answer with deductive ways and her thought was very clear. Meanwhile I was gratified by her apperception ability and self-taught ability, she was a girl with nimbus and big potential. Besides her apply ability was also very strong. In her junior year, she took part in my teaching reform project which analyzed the result of improving mathematic teaching quality. She was so familiar with the model of mathematics that she suggested that we may choose AHP model instead of normal faintness judge way to carry on quantitative analysis, and I accepted her suggestion and finished together the paper of “arrangement analytical method applies on the classroom interaction teaching effective comment” which will be published in the future.
  Miss xxx told me that she will apply for finance engineering which is a new field for her. I am glad to recommend this excellent girl who already possessed good quality and strong ability. I therefore lend her my enthusiastic support and would appreciate you favorable consideration of her application.
  Sincerely yours

  Dear Madama/Sir:
  When Miss xxx requested a letter of reference from me to support her application for graduate studies at your esteemed university, as her teacher, I am pleased to write this letter for her.
  I got to know xxx when she took part in National School of Mathematical Modeling Contest in 2005. Exactly, the time was one hour before the contest be over. At that time other groups already handed over the paper and program to person in charge and only her group around the computer amended something, I came to remind them of hurrying up and found that they were amending the map which I felt very good and also accorded with the paper requirement. When I asked her what she did, she said that she put several cities on the wrong places so she must correct them. She checked it again and again, before ten minutes the contest would be over and her group handed over the map. I was impressed by her clinging spirit which made her group win the second prize in the mathematical modeling contest.
  The second time of meeting her was that I reviewed practices things in her class. When I saw her, she only one stayed in the class to consult materials, I asked her why other students couldn’t stay with her, she said that other students were cold and she let them go to back to have a rest. She already found out a new arithmetic but didn’t use it masterly, so she used three computers to check the results by changing parameters. The quantities of data were so large that I couldn’t believe she was able to finish the task, while I was surprised by her confidence and ability, she finished them on time. I was impressed by her spirit on academy again.
  At her junior year, I taught her mathematic modeling course, she treated it very earnestly and she always finished each practical subject perfectly. Such as, after I gave her some key guidance, she classified the knowledge needed for study and listed the best methods to acquire knowledge on this field and finished it efficiently.
  Recently I got to know she will apply for financing engineering and I was glad to tell her that if she connects theory with practice, she will exert mathematical character better. I strongly support her decision and hope my recommendation will receive your favorable consideration.
  Sincerely yours

导师英文二:导师推荐信 英文

导师英文_导师推荐信 英文

  November 30, 20XX
  To Whom It May Concern:
  I would like to enthusiastically recommend Pei Yi for admission to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California Berkeley. Pei Yi not only has academic background and technical qualifications for admission to your program, but also has demonstrated the independence, perseverance, and other personal characters necessary to succeed in Sciences.
  I have worked with Pei Yi for one and a half years since he began the Principal Fund Project in 2002. I think he has developed a mature character as a young academic research worker. Pei Yi is a very diligent student in our lab. He is almost the last one leaving the lab every day. To acquaint himself with the work more quickly, he chose my graduate course: Electron Physics. Though he has an excellent scholastic aptitude, I was afraid that the course was a little difficult for an undergraduate student. As things went by, I found my worry was quite unnecessary. He studied relevant courses such as quantum mechanics by himself and got the highest score for my course. An intelligent young man with hard-working spirit can always live a fruitful and effective life.
  I’m deeply impressed by his ability to work independently. I was very busy last year for official work, and have little time to guide him. However every time I see him, he was working or reading in the lab. He told me that he learned by himself through reading the academic journal and learned from other groups in our laboratory. In addition, he has a strong desire for good quality of academic work. He attended every seminar and had a successful corporation with researchers from other groups.
  A flexible and adaptable people can do any work assigned to him, so does Mr. Pei. During the period of his principal fund research, he established the suitable model for field emission, and finished the simulation of space charge effect. He also made prominent progress on calculation of field-enhancement factor and wrote two papers. One paper is accepted by “Series of The First Principal Fund Papers” and another paper is to be submitted to an international journal. This is also a demonstration of his Science and English ability.
  It is my belief that Pei Yi"s combination of the technical skills with a high level of moral standards has been critical to his personal and professional development and he will succeed in any task due to these abilities and characters. If you require any further information about the student, please feel free to contact me.
  Sincerely Yours
  Gangming Zhang
  Professor of Physicselectronics
  Department of Electronics
  Peking University
  Beijing 100871, P. R. China
  Phone: (8610)6275 1773
  E-mail: zgmin@pku.edu.cn
  To whom it may Concern,
  I am writing this letter to attest to Paul’s skills in language and public relations. In the four years I have known him, I have been consistently impressed with his ability not only to negotiate complex ideas in other languages, but also to relate these things in a personable, conscientious fashion. His manner in these cases is both professional and personal, two qualities which I find particularly valuable in a professional setting. He has personally helped me in professional negotiation for everything from train tickets to contract information, and I have always been able to count on him.
  I first met Paul in school, where he was a student at the university at which I taught. He was well-known to most of the westerners in town, who could call from different universities to ask for his help. Sometimes this help involved translation of professional documents, and sometimes it involved personal help in making phone calls. Many of these westerners continue to call him today, even though they live quite far away from him, because they have come to trust him very much. From this foundation in public relations Paul has found positions in various
  professional capacities and has been highly-valued in each place. He is generally the sort of employee a company finds most valuable in its dealings with both foreign and domestic clients. He puts people at their ease with his
  language ability and manner, both of which communicate to people that they can relax and simply communicate. I would highly recommend Paul as an employee. His experience and manner are rare and very valuable. Robert Moore
  State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation,
  ABC University
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  Dear Sir or Madame,
  It is with great pleasure that I write to recommend Courtney Alexander to you. I have known Courtney for the pst two years and have had the pleasure of having her in my United States History class during her junior. In the class she ws one of the most outstanding students. At the semester final she earned high grade of 91, which should be A according to our grading system.
  I also found her good at other studies. After classes, she had personal talks with me many times. She indicated a great interest in teching. During tht time I found her to be a bright, diligent, friendly youn woman. Besides, Courtney is not afraid of hard work, and is a team plyer. Her ability to work with her clssmates is a special quality that will benefit her as she moves on to the next level. Throughout the year, she worked cooperatively with those seated around her in reviewing notes, going over possible examination materials, and working through some of the more difficult concepts.Through her contributions to my class, the pro
  missing young girl helped not only herself, but also others around her who were not progressing and improving as quickly as she could. Courtney Alexander is undoubtedly a student with the potential for great success at the next level. In my opinion, Courtney Alexander was born a teacher, which can be further developed and she is sure to give all of you a big surprise in the years to come. so I enthusistically recommend her for admission to your university.
  If you have any questions or concerns in regards to Courtney, plese feel free to contact me at....... Thank you for your time.
  being a professor in shanghai finance and economics university, i had given six lectures to hua sheng as an auditing teacher when she studied accountancy there as her second major, and had been her supervisor when she worked as an intern in my credit rating company. she had listened to me so attentively that many of the cases we studied in class were applied to her work effectively.
  i was really impressed by hua sheng’s performance during her five-week internship. in order to be more competent in the field of credit rating, she volunteered to assume more tasks, and further offered to work overtime with other regular employees. however hard the tasks were, she always managed to fulfill them with flying colors. such devotion to her career even as an intern is rarely seen in her peers. as she had done well in her accounting major, with an average score of 85 for the core courses, in addition to her remarkable learning ability, hua sheng was capable of doing some of the basic businesses in the company, and thus understanding the know-how of accounting more profoundly. she visited and researched fifteen companies in all, big or small, home or abroad, within the twenty-five weekdays. i could see a clear mind and a strong logic in her participation in writing credit rating reports. she was able to accomplish her own assignments independently while at the same time communicating smoothly/articulately/explicitly and cooperating excellently with all of the five teachers, who had given her some instructions during the internship, further she had raised a few profound questions in the specialty of credit rating. all in all, her work was highly appraised by everyone in the company.






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